"Velvet Dip" - Red Velvet Cupcakes
  Cannot ship with rasberry

"A Little Bit of Heaven" - Butter Pound Cupcakes

"A Little Bit of Heaven" - Pound Cake
  Cannot ship w/ fruit garnish

"Ernie's Hug on a Plate" - White Chocolate Cake

"Syb's Decadent Chocolate Dream" - Chocolate Cake

Coconut Cake

Italian Cream Cake

"Savory & Sweet" - Pecan Bars
"The Real Deal" - Cappuccino Brownies
"Sassy" - Sassy Sweet Potato Brownies
"Really Awesome" - Cranberry/Raisin Oatmeal Bar
"Lemon I Love" - Lemon Bars Cannot Ship Lemon Bars
"Make "Em Special" - Pistachio/Cranberry Brownies

"Noelle's Test Kitchen inspired"
Rosemary/Thyme Cookies
"It's Not Complicated"
Lavender Honey Shortbread
"LAT 2011 Award Winning"
Ambrosia Macaroons

"You've Got to Try This"
Walnut-Nutmeg Granola
Cashews w/ Crispy Sage & Garlic

*Two dozen minimum order for cupcakes & cookies for delivery*

*Additional assortment options available w/ large orders*

*At this time, Pound Cakes are the only cakes that can be shipped*

*Standard delivery charge is $10. Cost may increase based on mileage*

*Shipping cost varies based on each order*

*Some Organic and Gluten Free Desserts and Treats available upon request at additional charge*