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Tené - Television Pilot

Tené Harris
Culinary Artist

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Please browse my menu of desserts including our healthy, delicious Granola for energy on the go.

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The Sweet Beginnings Story

There are times in life when we have to CHOOSE to get back up when we've been knocked down ... Sweet Beginnings is my fresh start after several life setbacks -- most recently a lay-off after 30 years in public television. Baking has been a passion of mine from my very young days baking with my mom and my grandmother in Texas. Sweet Beginnings' desserts are full of the flavors, love and stories of my family. My great-great grandparents were entrepreneurs and self-taught business owners. The legacy of small business is in my DNA. Our desserts will transport you back in time to the special people in your life who prepared desserts with extreme care, time and love, using only the finest ingredients available. Everything is made from scratch. From our signature "Hug on a Plate", my grandmother's prized recipe for White Chocolate Cake, to our delicious Walnut-Nutmeg Granola, your taste buds will awaken in sheer delight! Always bringing you the best from our kitchen, Sweet Beginnings is where ...
"Happiness is Homemade".